Vipers har besøk fra – Vipers

Vipers har besøk fra

- Dette er en fantastisk åpning for oss til å se tidlig på de største talentene i Nederland

Det er Jokelyn Tienstra, assistenttrenerne på det nederlandske landslaget, som er initiativtaker til samarbeidet med Vipers. I første omgang er det venstrekanten Jill Meijer og målvakten Rinka Duijndam som skal trene med Vipers.

Her er et lite reisebrev fra jentene:

On monday we arrived at the AirPort in Kristiansand. Jessy and Lynn picked us up from the AirPort. They showed us their home ( also the place were we have been sleeping the whole week) and the centre of the city. In the evening we had our first training. very exited for both of us, because that’s why we came here! All the girls from the team were very nice to us. It was a very heavy training and there were a lot of differences with our training in Holland. On tuesday we had 2 practices, the first one was at half past 6 in de morning. First time ever that we trained this early. In the evening lynn en Jessy took us for dinner, it was very nice! Wednesday we went out to the swimmingpool and had a strength training. Thursday we went shopping in a big shopping centre and we also had are last training with the team. We enjoyed our week here! It was amazing to see how Jessy en lynn live here and how the practices are in kristiansand! We want to thank everybody for this opportunity.